Social Media Performance of Selected Symphonic Orchestras

Patterns of social media sucess

Why certain brands or companies are more successful with their social media then others? Naturally, invested resources influence strongly the results of  these marketing efforts. 

Looking at the most successful social-media channels of these symphonic orchestras, one might recognize certain patterns.

Key takeaways:

  • regular posting
  • different formats: photo, video, text, live, but also reels, stories.
  • different topics and different goals: entertaining, educating, informing
  • common visual and content line in all posts and channels (CI guideline)
  • personal content: instead of staging, focus on the people behind it.
  • created especially for this channel…but
  • …integrated/connected with other (digital) channels.

Next stop: TikTok?

The basic rule of non-saturated markets is also valid for social media: the earlier you start to build up your audience, the better chance you have for success…


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