Video production with KS Hans Peter Kammerer at the Wiener Staatsoper.

Video production with KM Hans Peter Kammerer at the Vienna State Opera.

At the Vienna State Opera, the day after the prestigious Viennese “Opernball” traditionally belongs to the children. On this day Mozart`s fairy-tale opera, The Magic Flute is performed on the same parquet floor and between the same settings, where just a few hours before thousands of guests were waltzing through the night. DelbeauFilm was there this year preparing a short film for children, which, as part of the celebration of the 150s anniversary of the house, aims to bring the world of operas closer to the younger audience. The film will be narrated by Kammersänger Hans Peter Kammerer, who sang the role of Papageno on this day. After our post-production, the informative educational film will be published on the official YouTube account of the Wiener Staatsoper. On the 1st of March, with the help of the excellent cast and the supporting crew of the theatre, almost 7000 children had the chance to be enjoy the performance and to experience, like many of us before, Mozart`s magic.

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