Weinbau Fontányi – Imagefilm

Image film production for the Winery Fontányi.

Production date: 2016

Most importantly for us filming in different locations and environments is very important. We visited a beautiful site and amazing people in the countryside. While shooting the area, we had the chance of catching the charm of the small villages and tasting the great Fontányi wine. The wine cellar with its temperature of 10 Celsius degrees was not very warm but was easy to bear it with some glasses of wine. Mr. Fontányi was very helpful and provided different arts of wines.

One week filming on location. 3-4 days of editing time. Finally, we produced 2 versions of the image film. The first one is a dynamic version with sharper transitions and faster flow. This you can find in our Vimeo-channel. The second version is the one you see above. A slower and more relaxed way of showing this traditional winery.

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