Filming a gorgeous and talented young singer in the Hotel Imperial Wien

It was a unique occasion to work in an outstanding location like the Hotel Imperial in Vienna on the Ring. Opera singer Tina Jäger is an outstanding talent with such charm and beauty. Producing a portrait film, we filmed two songs and an interview with her. Working with young talents was always a priority for DelbeauFilm. Every artist needs to start somehow, and good promotion with a well-produced film is essential nowadays, once the possibility for free video upload on Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.. is already existing.
It was a real pleasure working with such professional people:

Jewelry Mazbani provided the wonderful necklaces, earrings, and rings –

Petra Style and Design did a great organization, and photoshooting –

Hotel Imperial Wien, outstanding support, friendly crew and amazing location for film production –

Working with Kessler Crane, Aputure Led lights and softbox, Panasonic cameras and DJI Ronin stabilizer.

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