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Documentation Video with Newzik – the score reading app and the Tonkünstler- Orchester at the Musikverein Wien.

In January 2019, the company Newzik started to implement their evolutionary music score app at the Wiener Staatsoper. The cloud-based application functions not just as a digital score management tool, but allows real-time collaboration between the orchestra, stage manager and other participants of the performance. The app has been developed together with the artists and stage-managers of the prestigious Viennese house. The video we shot documents the cooperation with the Tonkünstler-Orchester at the Musikverein Wien. It`s goal was also to demonstrate the functions and utility of the app, and to highlight it`s benefits in comparison with conventional scores. With using short interviews, artistic shots and excellent audio recording of the musicians, the film creates the perfect stage for the unique app, Newzik.

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